Gathering data from Arduino Shield and


Dear Cayenne Community,

I have an urgent issue for a project I’m working on for my graduate program. We are trying to find a solution as early as possible by tomorrow.

I am trying to gather data from my HaxIoT Shield (915Mhz) with its built in temp. and accelerometer sensors and send it to the network server through the HaxIoT gateway then display the information on Cayenne.

As far as I know, everything seems to now work on the module end of things besides the fact that no actual data (temp and accelerometer) is being sent or displayed. It does seem like the network is picking up some data as you can see from screenshots attached.

How can we get the data to be displayed properly in Cayenne? Our settings seem to be correct.

I am using the Cayenne API link: http://
to attempt to transfer the data to Cayenne.

Thank you,
Andrew Doumith
Master’s in Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship
Baker Institute, Lehigh University


Hi @andrewdoumith,

We will look into this. Are you available over next hours for troubleshooting?



Hi Bestes,

Yes, I am available anytime today for a call. Just DM me if you need my phone number. Otherwise, you can troubleshoot here or email me at

Help as soon as possible will be greatly appreciated.



This is Eric, in charge of the LPWAN technologies integration in Cayenne.
Haxiot support is currently experimental and requires you to use our Cayenne Low Power Payload format that is not public available yet. We will provide the payload format and full support with our next release.

In the meantime I can provide you some examples and help, but our Haxiot decoder only supports temperature and accelerometer data at this moment.

What data are you sending ?



Thanks for your reply.

It is unfortunate that no other data can be transmitted but that is fine. Temp and Accelerometer are fine since those two are already included in the Haxiot shield.

Is there any way we can have a quick phone call to try get this sorted out?


Here the data format to use then, it should work out of the box :

5.5. Example: temperature + accelerometer
Payload: 01 67 FF D7 06 71 04 D2 FB 2E 00 00

Sensor 0x01:
Temperature (0x67)
Value : 0xFFD7 = - 41 ⇒ - 4.1°C

Sensor 0x06:
Accelerometer (0x71),
X : 0x7104 = 1234 ⇒ 1.234G
Y : 0xD2FB = - 1234 ⇒ - 1.234G
Z : 0x0000 = 0 ⇒ 0G

Temperature is sent in a 2 bytes signed integer with a 0.1°C precision
Accelerometer values are sent in 2 bytes signed integers with a 0.001G precision.
Each data is prefixed with a channel byte and type byte.

I will reach Haxiot people to share their example sketch using our payload format.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your support. What exactly do I do with that data format? Where can it be inputted to get my data sent to Cayenne?

  • Andrew


Is there any way we can have a quick voice/video call to discuss this matter in more detail so that I can get to a possible solution?


Hi Bestes,

Any update? Are you available for a phone call or Google Hangouts anytime in the next few hours?

Andrew Doumith


Good evening,
I work on the network lora. I have a gateway kerlink iot station 868. the part between end device and ororiole is done, but the graph is not understandable.I think so to link loriot with cayenne.une page of map s’ Poster but, I am looking for aquier temperature is another information on a Graphchart. How should I do?


Hello Mr Eric,
i need some help,i’m using a kerlink gateway connected to an arduino uno with collect data from temperature sensor, i would loike to visualize the data sent by the sensor on loriot can you please help me ? i already sent ‘hello world’ but i don’t know how to visualize the data sent by the sensors and i owuld liek to use cayenne.