Wiegand Reader

I want to present a card to a wiegand reader connected to a nano board. What widget / device would I use to read the card number then I can write some code to look it up against the list of approved cards and trigger a relay. I am connecting the reader to D2 & D3 on the nano. I think I need a string variable widget…?

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If it’s on a nano, just use the value widget, and the virtual function that passes the last integer number to it. You could use any type. The wiegand standard should put out a number only, so you could simply do a conversion from string to integer in your Arduino sketch.

We should have a string type though IMHO @bestes.


Yep, string support will be added. Need to add text widget first :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help, in the interim it seemed cool to use Cayenne to connect everything and remotely monitor the boards. I will work around the system for now.

As a bit of an overview of what im trying to do…I have four Nano boards each connected to a Wiegand reader running that are reading cards fine. I then have the 4 nano boards connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi 3 board. that in turn is connected to an 4 way solid state relay board to run the 240vac items (shutter Up / Down) and an 8 way electro-mechanical relay board for the low voltage DC stuff (maglocks, locker locks).

The intention is to build a system that will allow staff / drivers into our warehouse, via an electric roller shutter protecting a pedestrian entrance door and a key locker for each vehicle. I need to detect if the roller shutter is up or down and not allow the inner door to be opened unless the shutter is up, then open the pedestrian door and open the key locker that relates to the person entering. All this needs to happen in reverse when they leave.

As you can see the logic required is too complex for a standard access control system as lots of IF, THEN logic applies to ensure the correct sequence of events happen. I also have a allow for exceptions such as power failures, reader and Pi failures and drivers who have left the access token at home so an SMS override system will be added to so we can remotely override things.