Alternate RFID read/writer dashboard option

Hi, I am relatively new here and I am currently working on a project that involves using Cayenne and RFID as an authentication based system to give access/turn things on and off to devices already connected to Cayenne’s dashboard.

Firstly, I would like to ask if it is possible or in the near future that are we going to be able to use specific values when creating a trigger for the TRIGGERS function? Currently we are limited to IF this value is more than or less than this given value then turn this on/off. Are we going to be able to write say, if the value of SENSOR A = (A1, B2, 43, A2) then turn ACTUATOR A = ON? I think this is the next step up for the TRIGGERS function.

I currently have my set up as if a known RFID tag is read then send a value to Cayenne, once this value has been received by the dashboard then an if statement will turn something on/off. I would like to be able to send any given value to Cayenne, known and unknown, so that I can use the value given to use the TRIGGERS function to create an IF statement that allows me to be able to read any type of value so that something can happen like in the example above.

I was also wondering if it would be entirely inconceivable to create a widget that reads QR codes. Using the mobile app version of Cayenne, using your phone’s camera, the scanned/read information will be able to give a value to be displayed on the Cayenne dashboard. To then further this idea, using the QR code that contains the value of say an RFID tag, to then create an IF statement containing the value. That might be a little bit far fetched but if it’s possible I think that would be amazing.
This all would stem from being able to insert specific values to create IF statements of course. By being able to do this then in the future unregistered RFID tags in this scenario would only need to be registered once using the QR scanner, allowing for multiple users/new RFID tags to be given access.

I love using Cayenne and I think it’s a great platform for new users and as someone who recently got into IOT and making projects really appreciates this. I just think this would be great step up and create whole new possibilities. Thanks for taking the time for reading this. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think about this.

beside the QR code the rest most is possible. to get started with RFID and cayenne have a look at this RFID based attendance monitoring system

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