Yoctopuce Light Sensor


I have a Yoctopuce Light Sensor, (http://www.yoctopuce.com/EN/products/usb-environmental-sensors/yocto-light-v3), which I current have connected to my Windows PC via USB as I can talk to it via a little C# program to determine current light levels.

I’d like to move this over my Pi 3 with Cayenne and I don’t know where to start!

Do I connect this to my Pi via USB again, but can Cayenne talk to it? Is there a better way of interfacing it?

Any guidance appreciated!!


Welcome to Cayenne!

I’m sure you could get the Pi to read the data, but without writing a custom driver for Cayenne you won’t be able to get that data to the dashboard. The easiest option currently would be to get a supported light sensor:

standard photocell (resistor type)

Adafruit or Amazon both carry them and they are inexpensive.


Many thanks for that. As a complete novice, can you advise if there are any writeups anywhere that show how to connect it to the Pi?


You’d need an ADC to convert the analog signals from the photocell to digital since the R-Pi doesn’t have native analog in - only a digital derivative known as PWM.


Thanks Tony, no idea what you just said!


I really like the TSL2561. Take a look at this project I just posted on Hackster.


Also, a simpler setup here-

Please let me know if I can add more insight,



Perfect! Exactly what I needed - many thanks!


Is there a Cayenne SDK somewhere ?


Great question! We’re working on opening up an API right now. :slight_smile:



Hi Gary,

Cayenne is great for novice and advanced users alike. Please feel free to use the forum for any questions that come up.

Glad you got some help from @Ian , I’m going to move this category to Helped. Hope that’s okay with you.




Great. We’ll have a look at it when it’s available :slight_smile:


Please let us know when you’ve created something - I think your sensors are great!