3 x DS18B20, 2 of them have settings that are somewhat changable the 3 has none

On a Raspberry Model B I have 3 DS18B20 and 2 show a number of settings that you can change when you click the cog wheel. The 3rd one only shows the Hide Widget setting. This is on the iPhone and iPad app. On the web interface it shows all the setting like the other 2 but you can’t change and save anything.

I have the same problem. I have Model B with 3 DS18B20 on the same one-wire circuit (The sensors work perfectly as I used them like this on an arduino). Cayenne displays all three temperatures (Two as values an the third as a graph). On Chrome and Internet Explorer on my desktop computer I can see the configuration options but can not save any changes I make (“Save” button appears to do nothing). Via an iPad the configuration options are no even displayed. I noticed the documentation for Cayenne just shows how to connect a single 1 wire DS18B20 sensor (not multiple). Maybe this mode is not yet supported b Cayenne?

@UncleDidsy @kpetrace We’ll look into this, it certainly seems like a bug if both of you are reporting the same thing. The issue with not being able to save anything is a known issue that will be fixed very soon. We will reproduce the issue with having 3 DS18B20’s, I’ll keep this thread updated. Thanks!


@bestes Thanks for the Quick reply. Just realised I am using three DS18S20 sensors - not DS18B20 as originally posted. My mistake. I guess it should all still work though?