Processor use 100%

Agent Version
Computer Make
Element14/Premier Farnell
Computer Model B+
OS Name raspbian Version 7
OS Build debian
OS Architecture 0010

I’ve noticed now several times that my processor use is fluctuating between 9% and 100%.
What is strange is that it uses 100% while nothing is being executed.
Sometimes it stays up to 100% for several hours.
I already tried reinstalling cayenne that didn’t change anything.
Today I tried a new SD card 16GB class 10 but the problem is still the same.
I would like to know if more people have this problem and if there is a solution for this.


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I have also noticed the processor activity on a couple of my Pi’s. The lowly Zero really seems to take a beating.

Another thing I have noticed is the RAM seems to fill up at a fairly steady rate and then dump a bunch all at once and start over.

This is the processor of the Zero which is hosting a BMP180, TSL2561, and a DS18B20 and talking to Cayenne-

And this is the memory usage of a RPi2b that is hosting a MCP3008 with a photo cell and a TMP36 attached, it also controls 4 LED’s that occasionally get turned on and off depending on ambient temperature swings, and it talks to Cayenne-


@Ian @denevmi We’ll take some time to look into this, thanks!



Still having the same problem, I assume no solution has being found?
Also I added a temp sensor DS18B20 but noticed that the temp is still being displayed in Fahrenheit.
For a lot of people this does not seem to be a big problem but for the people in Europe this is.
If none of these issues are being solved then I’m not sure that using Cayenne is the best solution for me.
It’s a great program but to many bugs are left unsolved and I understand that everybody has his specifick problem that they want to see solved first but maybe you could ask the users what are the most important issues.

Hey Mike,

Sorry about this… the issue with the Processor is still in our backlog. We have a fix for the Temperature in place that will be pushed out to you next release, (hopefully today/tomorrow). You hit it spot on, there’s a lot of small, specific bugs that people are reporting. We keep track of everything reported and then evaluate what makes sense to work on first. Generally, if something is hindering use of Cayenne, or blocking a user from Cayenne functionality, then we will work on it as quickly as possible. And if something is constantly being brought up, (like the Celsius issue), then that bug will likely move to higher priority on our roadmap. This Processor issue should be fixed,or at least investigated, after this next release (so ~ 2 weeks).

The Cayenne team also has to make sure we are constantly releasing new, exciting, empowering features for the Community. In this case, we have been working hard and devoting resources on getting our new feature, Scheduling, out to you guys. The Celsius issue has actually been fixed for a while, but we aren’t releasing the Celsius fix until scheduling is also completed.

Does all this make sense?


Please new version!

How’s the Processor post release?

@cramos @denevmi @Ian

CPU on a RPi Zero - one hour trace

CPU on a RPi2b - one hour trace

CPU on a RPi2b - one hour trace

RAM on a RPi2b - 24 hour trace

RAM on a RPi2b - 24 hour trace


@denevmi @cramos @Ian This should be fixed, let us know otherwise. There is a separate topic open for the memory usage, which we will be fixing.



When I look at the graph from the processor use it seem to gone down and is stable at ±50%.
As long as I don’t connect to the webpage it stays stable at that level from the moment I connect it goes up again to 100%

This is the result without any connection to mydevices webpage (data from 1 month)
A fairly stable processor use.

This is what happens when I connect to mydevices webpage (data from 1 hours)


I’m seeing the same thing when connected to the web page. CPU usage shoots up to 100% - This is with Model B.


@denevmi @will This is great feedback, thank you. I’m taking this out of the Implemented category and we’ll work on this.


I’m having pretty much the same symptoms on a B.

Got it, we’re planning to look into this after fixing the issue where RAM steadily increasing.

CPU 100% use continuous.
Can you generate new version for that?

@cramos @jhovak @will @denevmi CPU should be more stable now. Let us know otherwise!


Hi there!

I’m experiencing the same problem here. I installed Cayenne on a Rapsberry Pi B+ and a Raspberry Pi 3 B. The first one regularly goes to 100 % CPU usage without doing anything. Reboot doesn’t help. The second one seems to be OK. Can I do anything to lower CPU usage on my old Raspberry Pi B+? Or does this little guy simply have too little muscle strength?

Simon D.

Same issue here on rpi 3 B: before installing Cayenne agent load average on “top” command was 0.00 now it’s between 0.45 and 0.50 on all 3 values; in fact now I see the processor usage changing constantly between 20 and 50%. Is it possible to make the agent lighter? It is kind of a waste to use all that processor power just doing nothing.

Hey @bonacini.simone,

We are making an update to the Cayenne Pi agent software this week that among other things addresses the resources consumption of the agent. Keep an eye on our Announcements category for an update when it is released, then let us know if you see better performance or not. You don’t need to do anything to update, this will happen automatically.