Raspberry PI gauges don't produce any charts

Hi. Few days ago I added raspberry pi to my cayenne dashboard. Everything went smooth, gauges are working, what worries me is that when I click chart icon there is nothing in any tab (m, h, d, week) only in live it starts to painting line, but when I refresh page it is lost as well. Long story short, no historical data for me. Tried to convert default gauge widget into line chart widget for one day - did not help. Tried to add another widget on same channel so I ended up with gauge + chart, but didnt work as well. Any idea how to fix that?

can you try removing and re-adding it again? though it will delete all your previous data.

or are you trying to view the history of default raspberry pi temperature?

I tried deleting and adding widgets as well. Doesn’t matter if I am viewing cpu, mem, storage or temp history. All are blank, with no data.

that is because we do not support history data for default raspberry pi widget.

Ok, temperature is not important. I am using RPI as NAS so I am mostly interested in CPU/memory usage to monitor hardware utilisation. Need history for that.

then you will have to manual get the CPU/memory data using python and send it to cayenne using GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API