Add More Device Icons - Add Macros

Sorry if this has already been suggested but I would like to see some more device icons please. I am building an aquarium monitoring/control app that can display water/room temperatures as well as control relays for switching the lights on/off (via a schedule) and turn the heaters and filters (or pumps if you like) on and off using buttons for each relay. Therefore, can we please have device icons for heaters and pumps/filters.

Another thought - would it be possible to be able to build macros so that a single button could toggle one or more Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. I have one aquarium that has two filters and it would be cool if I could switch off both with a single button and do a similar thing with the lights on my two tanks.

Thank you.

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Hi there and welcome,

We’re definitely adding more device icons / widgets. Your smart aquarium sounds like a really cool project, especially if you control it with Cayenne!

We’ll be adding grouping functionality too. So you’d be able to add multiple pins to a single output button. We’re also integrating Arduino, not sure if you were going to use it in your smart Aquarium.


Hi Bestes,

Thanks for the welcome and your reply to my suggestions. At the moment, my aquarium project is purely Raspberry Pi (a 2 at the moment but maybe a 3 later). Glad to hear you plan to add grouping and more icons - I look forward to their arrival.

I was using Python and Kivy to build an interface for my controller but even though I have some experience with programming, it was a steep learning curve that was putting me off a bit. I discovered Cayenne yesterday and have been playing with it today and I’m impressed with what you have achieved. Keep it up.

Any plans for an full iPad version?

Thanks again.


Glad you are impressed, and I hope we will keep impressing you with what’s upcoming too.

Yes, we plan to be compatible with iPad / tablet etc. We’re first focusing on getting Android out to Google Play store and doing a few enhancements on iOS app. So hang in there, this is all coming :slight_smile:


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I’m also interested in the request to add more icons to Cayenne, coz I too have used my RPi as an aquarium controller. Again thanks bestes for this remarkable application.

Adding to the prior suggestion/request, is it possible to have a ramping up/down feature to the PWM? I will then use such feature to create a sunrise/sunset effect to my LED fixture, which currently uses 0-10V analog signal as its dimmer. In relation to this, I recently finished making a simple circuit using LM358 opamp to convert/boost RPi’s 3.3V PWM into a 10V signal.

Extending my regards to the whole team…

What do you mean ramping up/down the PWM? You could create a schedule or a trigger to increase / decrease the PWM to specified levels every, say, minute.

By the way, we have a lighting widget we’re creating. Would your setup be able to use it?

Hello bestes,

Yes I saw your lighting widget and I think it’s suitable for my aquarium controller project. What I meant by ramping up/down was that the gradual increase/decrease in intensity of light for a specified duration, lets say an hour, to emulate the sunrise/sunset effect.

For instance, I have currently a working schedule for my lighting fixtures using WebIOPi. My lighting schedule are as follows: Blue Spectrum @ 11:30am to 6:30pm, Full Spectrum @ 12:30pm to 5:30pm, Moonlights @ 6:30pm to 11:30pm. The intensity of both Blue and Full Spectrum are controlled via manual dimmer knob that I will integrate with my RPi to be controlled via WebIOPi or Cayenne. With this integration, I was hoping I could setup a ramping effect so that the first hour that the Blues are on, it will start at 1% intensity and will work its way up to lets say 75% for a duration of one hour. Same goes with The Full Spectrums. Then an hour before Off schedule, it will ramp down from 75% to 0% for the same duration of one hour.

Your suggestion of multiple schedule/trigger is a viable option but for an hour of ramping, it would require me to setup at most 60 events that corresponds to 60 minutes for a smooth ramping effect. I was just wondering if this idea is possible.

Anyhow, thanks again for the continuous development and regards to the whole team…

YES. The ability to “automate” a slider with a graph, timeline (or both!) would be an excellent addition. To the devs: have a look at how Photoshop implements color gradient definition, how animation curves work in Blender or 3DS Max, or how amplitude envelopes work in Audacity…


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Thanks for thorough explanation! Don’t think 60 triggered/scheduled events is not the ideal solution here.

My thinking is that we will release the light widget in iterations, where the first iteration is simply getting the original design out. The phase 2 will include the dimming effect and any other feedback for the lighting widget.

Thanks @Mr.Allen and @apophene for chiming in here!


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Is it feasible to integrate “light mood” features in the planned release for the “light widget” ?

More background:

And also from my side, many thanks for the continuous development and creation of great capabilities in an easy way !

Looking for something similar where a PWM will ramp up/down following a temperature sensor. I am implementing sensors in a power inverter and windmill braking system that require cooling fans to run at speed according to temperature. Full on full off is not efficient in a solar and wind power system.


@bestes, any update on this item? :blush: I’m so excited to see the light widget :grinning:

Any update on being able to add our ICON?

Unfortunately no custom icons yet, but they did just add in a whole slew of new icons!