Add new device on Cayenne

I have device registed on TTN and i can recevice data from it as in photo

how i can create new device and show sensor data on Cayenne?
Is it easy to do it by myself ? or i will need help from manufacture of the sensor to make some change in code of the senor ,i do not have access to code of the sensor right now , but i can ask the supplier to help if it is not easy to do it by my self

which device are using?

This node , and we connect with it water Level sensor and temperature sensor and Tilt sensor and float switch

if you can program it then you need to send data to cayenne in the cayenne LPP format so that cayenne can read the raw data and show it the respective data type

It is already programmed and can see the data in the TTN , is there is other code we need to add it specially for cayenne , or we can date the data from TTN and show it on cayenne ?