After reinstallation, unable to add any widget/device


I am using the Linux Kernel 4.9 (Raspbian, on RPi 3b), and updated to beta. After update, I removed the BMP180 accidentally via android app, and was unable to add it back via web (chrome) / app. Attempting to resolve this, I uninstall Cayenne completely and removed install between stable and beta.

I am on stable version, and when try to add devices (i.e. BCM180, TCL2561, MCP3008, and Digital Motion Sensor). I can get the address of BCM180(77), TCL2561(39), can get readings from the GPIO of motion sensor, and can get readings from channels of MCP3008 via SPI0, all from the xterminal CLI. But I get the “failed to add sensor, please re-check your settings” on Cayenne.

May I see if I can have suggestions on which area shall I look to troubleshoot this?


Reply to myself, solved by connecting open channels to ground. Note, connect to same ground connected to AGND and DGND.


Thanks for giving us an update and I’m glad it solved now!