Android app - MQTT not yet supported

Hi guys,

I followed the article: DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi to add DHT22 sensor custom widgets on my project page:

but the widgets didn’t show up on my android app:

Is it a known issue or limitation?

thanks :slight_smile:

my environment:

  1. Raspberry pi2 (Raspbian) with DHT22 sensor (DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi)
  2. Mobile: Sony Xperia Z5 compact
  3. Android 6.0.1
  4. Cayenne App 1.2.7-81

MQTT devices are not supported in the mobile app(s), yet.

Hi @frank0624,

Glad you were able to follow @adam 's mqtt tutorial :slight_smile:

As @doerek mentioned, we have not yet released support for MQTT on mobile apps. It is highest priority tasks for mobile that we are working on. First iOS support will be released, then Android will follow closely after. Hang in there!


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Hi @bestes @doerek,

Thanks for your answer, I’m looking forward to the new version app :slight_smile:

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Glad to see my guide helped! We are all looking forward to the new mobile app with MQTT support :slight_smile:

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