Android App Problems

I have scheduled events that open and close a door using relays connected to a Raspberry Pi. It has been functioning normally for quite some time.

My scheduled events are only turning a relay on to open the door and then 5 Minutes later turning the relay off. This is repeated twice a day with the evening scheduled event closing the door and 5 minutes later turning the relay off. Both OFF events also send notifications.

A few weeks ago we stopped receiving the notifications even though the actual event was still happening. A few days ago the events stopped happening altogether with no changes to the schedule.

After reviewing the scheduled event using the Android app I found that the “Off” event for both morning and evening were displayed in a strange fashion which doesn’t even allow editing nor is the action even shown. Just the event, what time it was to happen and the contact info for the notifications. Weird. I looked at my wife’s phone and found hers displaying in the same manner. I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled. Nothing changed.

I went to the PC and logged in that way to view scheduled events. They were all there and displayed properly.
I deleted them all and recreated each action and the notifications. This morning I received notification at the proper time, but the relay action had not taken place. However, by chance, an hour later I was near the door that was to open and it began to open. So I again went back to check on the schedule on the PC and it was correct. Activate Dorr Open Relay at 7:45am, turn relay off and send notifications at 7:50.

I have my time set for Central Time on the schedule. Maybe Cayenne doesn’t recognize DST?

Haven’t been thru the evening scheduled event yet

So after all that, besides the time being incorrect, the app is still unusable to edit the off events for both times per day.

I have screenshots but no option to post pics that I could find.

I can confirm that when set to Central Time the time entered in Scheduling is the time it happens. DST or not. The upload button is the 7th icon over from the left when you are in the compose box.