Android Cayenne APP push notifications


The Cayenne Android APP is improving and getting better and better but how cool would it be to have push up notifications?
I have an alarm app that every time an event occurs it sends me a notification.

then i go into the app and i can see a history of all the events

wouldn’t be great if something similar or better to android cayenne, like your pump has started, your cilinder is out of water, your temperature is to low, your garage.door is open, etc and be able to go through a history of all events. what do you think @bestes??


Can I just jump on this and say yes, not sure if notification programming varies from Android 6 to 5 to 4’s

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.Add Android phone in Android App as Device
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I love the idea of a history of all events type thing. And my only hesitation to the in-app notifications is if it would become annoying to the user, but to solve that we would need to allow to turn off the notifications, so no more issue there.

Already talked with product team and we want to do the event history idea. Just a matter of time now and where to schedule in the work with the rest of the items on the road map. Thanks for this idea!

(I’ll address @bensimmo idea in his post…in short, this is coming :slight_smile: )



Yes for not annoying the user something like this would be great:

It is just an example… :wink:


Any updates about this Ideea?