Arduino ATMEL2650 MEGA

Is there anyone who has developed a solution for integrating the Arduino MEGA MCU (possibly using SPI, I2C, UART or ICSP) as I want to use my PI as a “Front end” in a way to control, collate, process and return signal data to RFID units as well as 433MHZ network devices but these both need to be interconnected and the only way i have found it feasible without 600 hours of hacking drivers and reading 4000 page long datasheets is to do it this way, anyone have any ideas ? and before you say anything i know about the voltage disparity between my PI3 and Mega

We are working on Arduino integration presently. We may be able to meet your use case once we push out the first release, If your interested, you can Alpha test once we push out first release?


How long will be released Support for Arduino.
So I’m going to need Wi-Fi or Ethernet shield for Arduino UNO?
Thank you

Hello it could be really good if like a first aproach to arduino release the atmega 2650 spare rx/tx ports to print (serialprintIn) whatever dac/dig i/o variables in cayenne´s dashboard via Pis rx/tx ports.

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Yep, you’ll need an ethernet or WiFi shield, so data can be sent to Cayenne and displayed on web dashboard / mobile app.


my idea is ARDUINO > serial to RPI > CAYENNE, no need for tcp stack, it is not a standalone arduino version, just to say only could be a serial reader mapped to any IC whit serial com