Arduino chart options

I have an Arduino widget on my Cayenne dashboard!

Hoping to see the additional options on the chart; minutes, hours, days…


Nice! First user to connect an Arduino sensor ribbon goes to you.

Yep, we will have the same chart that is in place for the Pi.


Well after You add the sensor to a Project the Ribbon does appear… but for arduino it doesn’t work… chart is always with live data from the moment You did open the dashboard… no history data… is it a bug?

History data for Android is not released yet. It’s coming soon.

It’s not on android or iOs… it is also not available vie web browser on my MAC…. i tried different browsers without success… chart is always live view only!


Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

I’m going to bet @ats1080s meant to type “History data for Arduino is not released yet.”

I’m consistently typing one when I mean the other myself.

The folks at Cayenne are still ramping up the Arduino support so we’re hoping to see all the same charting functions (and more) that are available to the RPi’s soon.

Again welcome,


Haha, yep. oops!

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the Info.

I’m looking forward for the Arduino Support.

I think that Cayenne is very good idea and it will help a lot to guys like me which don’t want and don’t have time to code everything by myself.

BTW. I got the LM35cz temperature sensor working nice :slight_smile: You can add it to the list if You want.

I don’t code. That’s why I’m here!

Great to hear! Could you take a photo or two and post them with the code in the Projects Made section? It may help someone that is just getting started have success with a LM35cz.

Thanks for the update!


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