Arduino Graph Widget has no historic options?


I’ve been trying to work up to a successful test of a garden plot automation system. Key to this is measuring soil moisture data over time but unfortunately I can only get the graphs to show “Live” data in the Arduino dashboard (see screenshot). How can I add the historic view buttons?

I tested a temperature graph for the Raspberry Pi and that showed the historic data as well as live. Is the RPi version more feature rich?

I hope I’m doing something wrong otherwise it will make Cayenne unsuitable for my needs which is a big shame.



Hi @peter_dieck,

So we have not yet pushed out history data for Arduino. It will absolutely be coming though. :slight_smile:


OK thanks, lots of promise to come, maybe I’ll cut back my expectations until it arrives.

Keep up the good work.

This is a huge market opportunity for the company that does this best and you seem to be well placed.


Thank you!