No supported GPIO devices using UART?

This is an interesting project, but I’m finding the IO to be a little limited. I have a PIC16F1936 communicating 5 bytes at 9600 baud via UART/EUART but all of the microcontrollers under the GPIO section use either I2C or SPI.

Are there any solutions available or a timeline for future support?


Hi thanks for you interest and feedback !
Does your PIC use a standard serial protocol or a custom one you built ?

Thanks for being so responsive.
Protocol is just standard UART. The controller offers the usual others, but both the software and board I’m trying to interface (wireless receiver) are set up for USART.

Me Too !!!

I too have been pestering you for ages (sorry) about getting the serial opened up… I am using a PIC micro and this would open up sooo many possibilities for me. Interfacing and or just radio / serial BT across the room or farm etc…
Here is just one example…

Best solution for me would be say a python sand box where I can rip the data out of python serial readline etc

I have got as far as enabling the serial tab and sending data to and from the WebIOPi side but would Love to see a serial tab and or a method of getting custom data into a trend / date / variable plot etc…

~ Andrew

Moving to Ideas / Suggestions category so I can track in roadmap. Hope you don’t mind.