How to send serial message


I was wondering if it is possible to send custom messages though either USB or serial, I^2C, or UART. My goal is to communicate with an attached Arduino. This could be achieved by running a custom script or just using a preexisting command/widget that allows me to do so.
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Not yet :frowning: We’re actually working on Arduino integration right now. Hang in there!



Nice! I found a way to communicate with the Arduino for now, I’ll have information on that when I finish my project. Hopefully I hit the contest deadline tonight!


Any update?


I didn’t get serial to work, so I just had a dashboard button connected to GPIO on the pi and that pin went over to the uno were the pin it was connected to was set up as an interrupt to run an event. The goal of this wasn’t really for serial communication, but to be able to trigger multiple events (and get more GPIO) with only one button as long with adding the ability to make computational decisions.