Arduino mega instruction for arduino uno?

which pins have you connected the esp?

0-RX ,1-TX,RESET, 3.3V and GND

0 is the RX pin of arduino and should be connected to TX pin of esp and 1 is TX should be connected to RX pin of esp. which is not in your case and you should also use a voltage divider on the RX pin of the esp8266.

i have a voltage regulator. Could that work?

better search the google if you think both are same.

yes, ive seen.
The LED on my ESP module is blinking yet it is not connecting to the Cayenne dashboard.

did you use a voltage regulator? :anguished:
Anyways, are you getting any output in your serial monitor?

You can connect the serial pins directly to the ESP but be aware that the ESP is a 3.3V logic not 5V and you may decrease the life of the module doing it. As Shramik said the best thing is to use a voltage divider or a logic level converter (something like A voltage regulator will not work on an I/O pin.

Also be aware that the TX/RX pins are swapped between device as Shramik mentioned. Arduino RX<->ESP TX and Arduino TX<->ESP RX

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No I did not use one, though i’m trying to make a divider with some resistors.

this is my screenshot of my serial monitor.

Everything seems alright but I cannot connect to the dashboard. Also, I am able to see an access point on my wifi connections called Fary_Link which is from my ESP.

I do have a logic level converter :smiley: and I have swapped the RX and TX pins as Shramik said.

from the serial monitor image it looks like the esp is not responding to AT command. can you post a bit more serial monitor output?

If that’s the case then you have flashed an arduino sketch at some point and wiped out the AT firmware. You’ll need to flash the AT firmware again for this to work.

That was the only output I was getting

then thats means your esp is not communicating with the uno properly. check your connection and also what is the baud rate your esp is set to.

my baud rate was 115200

but i have changed to ethernet shield as my project is due this week

are you facing any issue with ethernet shield ?

Yes…I am trying to connect servo motor but its giving me connection errors.

this is from my serial monitor