Arduino MKR1000 + RFID + MQTT


About This Project

Watching the presence of people in the house.
When you enclose a card or chip, the door opens and will list information on the LCD.


Cayenne-RFID.txt (4.2 KB)

What’s Connected

Arduino MKR1000
LCD 16*2 I2C

Dashboard Screenshots

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The Judges Have Spoken! ~CONTEST RESULTS~

I have same RFID reader and LCD,
how are you wiring the LCD for the Level Converter?
please post a pic or schematic of that part :wink:



Please can you provide me the code for similar to your project except that I’m using serial usb connection for my arduino to connect to dashboard as well as I’m not using LCD display

I only want that I can count the number of passengers in bus:
When they enter the bus the count is incremented by one and decremented by one after they exit


Hi, I will do it for you.
Do you want to use two buttons, one for the arrival and the other for the exit? Or by chip and card.
On the Cayenne Dashboard do you want to see how many people are currently on the bus?


Thanks for the early response.
1.)I want RFID cards of passengers to be used at entry and exit which will also count the number of passenger in the bus and shows on the dashboard that the bus is crowded or not.
2.)And if possible could you help me find how can I charge money on the basis of distance travelled by passenger in the bus


Will it count any card or just those that are stored in arduino memory?


It will count the card whose data is stored in database


But since the data base is not developed yet…as the project is in its beginning state.

It will count any card.

I need that once a card (x) is swiped at entry will increment the value of passengers in bus and again well it is swiped at exit it will decrement the number by one.




Please provide the method asap
Thanks in advance!


Hey are you there?
At Least please help me with the method and code of counting passengers in bus.


Yesterday, I’ve been doing it all day, but I have not invented anything.
I think it’s too complicated for Arduino.
If you care only about counting people on the bus, it would be enough to place the optic sensor on the entrance and exit doors.


I’m also doing the same thing but not able to get anything except, on my offline serial monitor I’m getting my tag number.
Can you help me find how can I make my serial monitor data show on dashboard.


You can send those values back to the dashboard via virtual pins


I have a question:

What pins did you use on the MKR1000 to connect to SCK/MOSI/MISO?

I don’t know if my rfid reader is dead or i am using the wrong pins.

Thanks in advance.


D10 - MISO
D9 - SCK