Arduino programming to loCate bus using simcom 808 GSM GPRS module

I m trying to make a project called bus locator using an Arduino uno board with the help of GSM+GPRS module of simcom808…so please tell me About the programing for this …i want that the location located by GSM send to a server which is made by me…and then we can show location on our app…and also the interfacing of Arduino with sim808…please if anyone can help …i need help as soon as possible

Welcome to Cayenne!

Unfortunately GSM is not currently supported but if you hack in support I’m sure a lot of people would love you!

Yeah, if you are able to hack support for your use case, it would be awesome!

Here is a link to a project that used GPS coordinates, maybe you can reach out to the creator to see if he has any ideas?

Keep us updated! Very interested to see if you make some progress here.

*sidenote: we will be publishing a map widget very soon that will be able to track your device :slight_smile: