Arduino web connection setup, should be so simple but can't

HI there guys, I have exhausted my ideas/patience. I have nailed the RPi no probs now trying an arduino, Uno with 5100, I have followed the steps, I can confirm usb serial connection is good, as the sketch uploads, If i use the template for the 5100 the logger shows dhcp errors (strange as dhcp working fine with all other devices on two seperate routers), so I switch to manual with static IP and then receive

connecting to,

The site just sits “waiting for connection”
I can ping the static IP, and if I instagate a hyperterm session to, I get the “connection closed by remote host” I would expect. proving Firewall not to be an issue

I have tried resets etc, I am starting to think a Hardware failure, this is my first outiing with the arduino so maybe I missed something obvious you all take for granted.
ANy suggestions welcomed,

Thanks in advance