Are triggers disabled for free users

I am experimenting with Lorawan and got me some sensors and a Dragino LT22222, which i want to use the outputs on to be activated by triggers.

Unfortunately i can not click on the SAVE-buttom in the trigger-section.

Is it limitations on the free-user-account? Or am I doing something wrong?


can you share a screenshot of the trigger you are trying

I did try once more. And this time it would save the trigger.

Can I ask you anotherthing; Can you make a double test in IF-statments? like IF (a>10 and b=1 ) then…

So do AND, OR and so on apply in Cayenne trgiggers?

this is not supported in cayenne.

Thanks for your answer. I will continue to play with the triggeres. Perhaps I can work my way around it?

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