Atim acw-tm2d

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I connect a ATIM ACW-TM2D to a KERLINK SPN. I guess that MyDevices received well the frames as I can see the RSSI & SNR from the gateway but no Temperatures displayed.
I checked the payload on the KERLINK SPN (example: 1a019001a0 which means 25°C and 26°C.


Hi @vincent.vb.blanchard and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Since you’re seeing the RSSI and SNR values ok, like you say we’re clearly receiving data from the device. My initial instinct was that we might be decoding the payload improperly, but your example decodes as expected on my end. Could you provide the DevEUI for this device so I can check what we’re receiving in our logs?


Finally I got the temperatures of the both PT100 connected to the ATIM sensor. I don’t know why but it didn’t work for the first messages.

Now it’s fine.


the deveui is 70b3d59ba00007d8.


One thing that it could have been, is a limitation in the current platform where the Cayenne web dashboard needs to be open at the time of initial widget creation for any LoRa sensor data received. So, for example, you could send us temperature payloads for days, but the dashboard needs to be open while at least one payload is received which then creates the initial widget. Once that is in place, Cayenne will happily log all further temperature data on the same channel without any need for the browser to be open.

Was there another issue you needed me to investigate with the DevEUI? If so please let me know, I’m glad to hear that the initial one has resolved itself. :slight_smile: