No data, only RSSI and SNR


I have a RAK811 tracker board, everything works fine in TTN.
In Cayenne I can only see RSSI and SNR, no temperature or battery voltage.
The payload in TTN looks like this:
02 67 00 E6 04 03 01 97
which is exactly conforming to the Cayenne docs, it reads:
channel2, Temperature, 23.0 channel4, analog output, 4.07
How can I see these data? What am I missing here?



ok, solved it myself.
RAK811 is just the plain module, not the board.
Instead I chose the TTN>Cayenne LLP module, now everything works
I’m just to stupid to understand the Cayenne docs (or the lack thereof)


Glad to hear you figured it out!

Reach out if you have any further questions.