No data, only RSSI and SNR

I have a RAK811 tracker board, everything works fine in TTN.
In Cayenne I can only see RSSI and SNR, no temperature or battery voltage.
The payload in TTN looks like this:
02 67 00 E6 04 03 01 97
which is exactly conforming to the Cayenne docs, it reads:
channel2, Temperature, 23.0 channel4, analog output, 4.07
How can I see these data? What am I missing here?


ok, solved it myself.
RAK811 is just the plain module, not the board.
Instead I chose the TTN>Cayenne LLP module, now everything works
Iā€™m just to stupid to understand the Cayenne docs (or the lack thereof)


Glad to hear you figured it out!

Reach out if you have any further questions.