BMP 180 problems

Trying to add a BMP 180. There is no box in the settings to add a Channel/slave address!! Addition error comes up with “failed to add…Make sure you selected the correct Channel/Slave Addrress” What gives?

HI @dave3 ,

This post might help you. You should not need to add slave address if BMP180 is hooked up properly. Does I2cdetect see your bmp180?


Thank you. I can run a small program to show me the temp and pressure & show the channel address (77), But in the Cayenne install for the BMP180 there is no place to add the address Install settings that show are Widget Name, Select device, Choose Widget, Choose Icon and Altitude above sea. That’s all… no address question

What platform do you use?Raspberry?

I run into same problem, RPi3b, Jessie Raspian with latest Linux kernel 4.9 and latest Cayenne agent can discover and read BMP180 via CLI but cannot add in Cayenne