Bug Filed on 03-28-2016: iOS App Not Detecting Raspberry Pi

Unfortunately, I’m still having this issue:

Continuing the discussion from Bug Filed on 02-05-2016: iOS App could not find pi because it was not on wifi:

Thanks for reporting this Ian…I think we’re going with the SSH installation route if app cannot detect the Pi after certain amount of time, as you suggested. Keep you updated with this!


Hey Ian, sorry you were having trouble with discovery. Just to confirm, this is on the latest update right (1.2.0)?

In the next update we will release, we have made some more improvements to discovery, and from our own internal testing, it has significantly increased the reliability of the discovery of pi’s. Hope the next update helps with finding your pi, sorry about the problems!

All the best,

Hi Ian,

We’ve made some improvements to the iOS app discovery feature. When you have some time, think you could check if these improvements helped your situation?

We also implemented a feature to manually type in the IP address in scenario where Cayenne app cannot automatically find the Pi on the network too :slight_smile:


Hey B,

I’m glad to report that it performs as expected now. Thanks for your hard work!

~ Ian

:slight_smile: woohoo