iOS app keeps 'Looking for devices...'


The Cayenne iOS app keeps ‘Looking for devices…’ even if my iPhone and my Raspberry Pi 2 are connected to the same TP-Link WiFi router.

The WiFi router only provides WiFi connections and is not connected to the Internet, however.

I am able to connect to from my iPhone.

How to fix the Cayenne iOS app?


I connect my iPhone and Raspberry Pi 2 to another WiFi which has connection to the Internet.

The Cayenne iOS app still unable find a device. The screen shows ‘Looking for devices…’.


Hi there,

We have updated the discovery feature on the iOS app, we found a bug where it will sometimes not discover a Pi. It will be released with the next iOS update. In the meantime, you can use the web dashboard.

Sorry about this! @twong


The web dashboard is not showing any progress. It stays at installing agent.

Our corporate network only allow outgoing connections to ports 80 and 443. Does it affect?


Hi, 2 things :

  • We know there is bug that install progress is not sync.
  • As you’re corporate only allows 80 and 443, websocket won’t work so the dashboard won’t work


In other words…try at your house and it should work :slight_smile: We’ve received issues like this in past where Cayenne won’t work on a company network due to restrictions.



Let us know when you get a chance to try this out on your home network.




Were you able to find it on your home network?