PCA9685 Extensions Channel not adjusting


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Pi 3 model B and PCA9685

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    both Web and android
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    i added PCA9685 to PI. Extension showed on PC but i cant adjust slider bar. None of the bars are able to adjust. On left hand side under active Raspberry Pi the extension does not show up. Extension does show at top next to GPIO. On android Extension does not show at all. I tried to add If this than that but extension is not n option on the “that” comment. Please let me know what i am doing wrong.


Attached are

some screen shots.


Hi @branojeda,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! For the PCA9685, you’ll need to add a widget to a given channel in order to control / move the slider. You can add a ‘PWM Output’ widget in the add device process and select the given channel associated with the device you are trying to control.

Hope this helps! Keep us updated with your progress…we’re always keen to see any projects that are being made so share with us if you have something!



Thanks for the help. I went to Add new, Device/Widget, Custom widgets and then Slider. Under enter setting Device is grayed out and I cant add the slider to my dashboard. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


Got it. Thanks again


Glad to hear it!