Bug Filed on 05-03-2016: Is pi software reinstallation necessary when multiple Android devices reference it?

What dashboard are you using? (Web, iOS, Android)


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A) I reinstall on an Android device the Cayenne app, it attempts to (and succeeds to) reinstall the pi software and drivers
B) I install the Cayenne app on a second Android device (referencing the same pi), it attempts to (and succeeds to) reinstall the pi software and drivers

Is that necessary? Is it possible to have the pi configured once, irrespective of multiple Android installations/reinstallations?


Hey Nikos,

Are you signing into the same account across multiple Android devices? I assume yes. In which case, this would be a bug / bad experience and we will be fixing this. You should only ever have to do a single install on Cayenne, and when you sign into your account (on any android device) the Pi should appear.

Also, if you’ve done multiple installations of Cayenne onto your Pi, this will likely lead to issues when interacting with the Pi. My recommendation is to get clean sd card of Jessie and install Cayenne. Again, you should only ever need to do this once. Does this make sense?

Sorry about this, I know it must be frustrating. We will get this card imported so we can work on it for the next release. Hang in there! And thanks for reporting it.


No worries B (should I call you bestes?). I am determined to see this through so I will follow your advice, remove all cayenne installations, do a fresh jessy install and try the whole cayenne installation from the start.