Bug Filed on 04-14-2016: Unnecessary "install" prompt

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RPi B+

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Often when I enter the android app and I’m connected to the same network as the RPis, the install button pops up next to a RPi that the app believes is newly discovered and lists a duplicate RPi. In fact, cayenne has already been installed on that device, so it is unnecessary to install it again on that same device. This mostly happens when cayenne does not list the IP of the device with cayenne already installed, which seems to happen randomly both from the same network and outside.

Is your IP address on your pi fixed?

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I have seen this a couple times lately also. and RPi 3b SenseHat are the same device, and Cayenne is already installed on RPi 3b SenseHat

Great question @4ndy!

No. The IP hasn’t changed in days, and even when they do change my experience is that Cayenne does a very good job of sorting out the new IP’s very seamlessly.


yup @Ian, that’s exactly the issue I’m talking about. When the app can’t locate the IP from a device with cayenne installed it prompts the user to install on that same device if the smartphone is connected to the same network. It doesn’t seem to matter if the IP is dynamic or static.