Bug Filed on 05-24-2016: Cannot get any install process to work

This is very frustrating… The IOS app fails to find my Pi3; The wget string fails to find the file - 404 error. On the surface this seems like a good application, but seems getting going is a problem. I have several Pi’s up and running and all are working with VNC, ssh set ups. The P3 is currently being accessed via VNC by a friend remotely, so I assume my network is not an issue.
If the url for the agent file keeps changing, why not have the address as a link that can be dynamically updated when you make changes? Can someone supply the correct agent url as I can’t find it in the community forum from my searches…

I don’t have an iOS device so I can’t help you with the installer there, but it should be working. Is the iOS device connected to the same network as the pi? It will not find the Pi unless it is reachable locally so unless you are connected to a wireless access point on the same network the iOS app will not find it.

As far as the 404 error on the installer, I would recommend using copy/paste on the URL as some of the characters may be hard to distinguish.

The URL for the installer is only generated once and does not change until the device is removed. You can see the installer URL in your dashboard here:

Or, you can create a new one:

OK thanks. I think I’mmaking progress. Th eURL I used was from the instruction page, as my log in page on the main site did not provide anything, just a link to the community. I cleared out the browser and started again and did get a unique URL which has successfully loaded the agent. However the IOS app still canot locate the Pi. I’m on the same network and and see the Pi from the IOS device using fing. SSh and VNCservices are running.

Thanks for the assistance. I’llcehck the other forum pages for the IOS issue.
( sorry for the typos using thumbs on mobile device…

We have some improvements that will be fixed on iOS app that will improve the discovery technology, and also give you the ability to manually type the IP address so the iOS device can SSH into the Pi. However, if you on-boarded your Pi using web dashboard, and if you sign into your same account on the iOS device, your Pi should appear without needing to actually discover it on the network. Let us know if you continue to have issues!

Moving this to ‘resolved’ category for the original issue. Thanks to @ats1080s for helping to trouble shoot!


Thanks for the update. I reloaded the app on the iPhone and logged back in and it is working. However, the dashboard page on the web is not loading. This was why I had issues yesterday. Eventually it did load, but today it’s not. Will try to attach a

screen shot

The dashboard isn’t officially supported on mobile devices. I’m not sure how Safari works but there may be a request desktop site option like there is in chrome for Android. That may get you a bit farther.