Bug Filed on 06-13-2016: iOS issue with Graphs


1st time user, loving what im seeing.

What’s Connected

(Hardware, sensors, actuators, device model, WiFi, etc.)

Im using IOS app…
when tapping on a sensor it opens the graph; living in South Africa all my temperatures is set to Celcius, but when you tap on ‘h’. or ‘d’ etc the temperatures inside the graphs changes to fahrenheit.


This is a known bug that will be fixed with our next iOS release (coming soon!)

This should be fixed now with the latest iOS app update. Let us know otherwise.


I’ve noticed thanx works great.
Just one thing, im controlling my geyser with my own code, and i have a trigger in cayenne to email me if the temp goes over 80 degrees celsius, but sometimes I do get a false reading of 85 degrees celsius. This only happens for an instant, is it just my system or does this happen with the ds18b20 thermistors?