Bug Filed on 06-13-2016: One--wire option availability on webpage

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iOS, Android, Web

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One-wire option is not available on pc webpage, but is available on both phone types.
On the iOS app, the option is on the Settings page at the bottom along with I2C, SPI, and so on.
On the webpage, the same settings, except One-wire, are on the Configuration page.

Jmi J


You are correct, one-wire isn’t listed on the web based page. Funny thing is, I’ve never changed any of those selections from within Cayenne, so I’ve never missed the missing switch.

Just curious, do you make changes to these switches? If so, in what kind of situation?



Hello Ian,

I was curious when I started using Cayenne. At that time I was not aware of the different protocols. As I zeroed in on my needs, I became aware and especially of I2C. Many of the GPIO pins serve dual functions. I contemplated the idea of shutting off those I was not using to avoid accidental triggering of an undesirable function. The use of a pin as a GPIO output and an SPI pin may present an intrinsic conflict, or so I theorized. I haven’t run a cross a guide to Cayenne that discusses the webpage in any great detail so I’m still not real clear on why the switches are there.


Thanks for sharing your thought process with me!

I’ve always thought the switches did the same things that are represented in the raspi-config advanced options menu-

Raspberry Pi Software Configuration Tool (raspi-config)

A1 Overscan        You may need to configure overscan if black bars are ...
A2 Hostname        Set the visible name for this Pi on a network
A3 Memory Split    Change the amount of memory made available to the GPU
A4 SSH             Enable/Disable remote command line access to your Pi ...
A5 Device Tree     Enable/Disable the use of Device Tree
A6 SPI             Enable/Disable automatic loading of SPI kernel module...
A7 I2C             Enable/Disable automatic loading of I2C kernel module
A8 Serial          Enable/Disable shell and kernel messages on the seria...
A9 Audio           Force audio out through HDMI or 3.5mm jack
A0 Update          Update this tool to the latest version

And since I was in the habit of Enabling all of these prior to using Cayenne, it just made sense to me to let Cayenne do all the work for me (again) and I just leave them as Cayenne sets them.



You’re welcome.
I think of the switches as enable/disable controls and in that respect, my thinking is correct.

And speaking of those switches, I’ve just been trying to turn all off but the I2C. The Pi rebbots with the I2C on, but the SPI and Serial on too. Are the three inextricably tied together? Does having relays and an ADS1115 force the three on?

Thank you

I’ve added this to backlog of issues to fix. There should be consistency across mobile and web dashboard. Thanks for reporting this!