Bug Filed on 06-13-2016: Remove 1-wire temp sensor widgets when the sensor is no longer connected

I am using Android, Windows and iOS dashboards.
I have tried this on Pi B, B+, 2, 3 and Zero
I am using Raspbian 8.0 (Jessie)

I have several data logging and control systems using 1-wire ds18b20 sensors. Once a sensor has been connected, it cannot be removed from the dashboard even when it has been physically disconnected. My dashboards now each have several unwanted widgets showing disconnected sensors. The Remove Sensor button is grayed out.

This is something we are going to fix in the future.

As a workaround, you can click the plus icon ( + ) in the top of your web dashboard to create a new project. Then, add widgets to that project and leave out the 1-wire sensor widget. Sorry about this, it will be fixed.


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Thanks, That really helped. Now I have only what I need on the dashboard.