Bug Filed on 08-09-2016: Cannot add BMP180 on Android Phone client - "Server Error"



  1. RPi 3- latest Raspian OS as of 8/6/16.
  2. Android 4.4.4 , kernel 3.4.0-6281449 (Samsung Galaxy 4)
  3. Windows 10

Android: Tried to add BMP180 several times - always get SERVER ERROR. I can add the BMP180 easily on the web version.

Then tried it on Win10 chrome browser - no problem adding BMP180 sensor.

Is there a known problem with BMP 180 on Android? This would make a good demo project but maybe the phone is too old? Please advise.


Hi @peter.matsunaga,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Hmmm, that is a fairly older phone. Do you have a newer one you’d be able to try on, just to compare?


We’ve released several updates to the Android app. If you could make sure you have downloaded the latest version and let us know if problem persists. Thanks!