Bug Filed on 08-29-2016: Not getting any devices/sensors showing in the left column - Pi Face Digital

HI Guys,
Running a Pi iB+, Latest Jessie (fresh install last night), PiFace board.

Cayenne sees my GPIO and PiFace and allows me to interact with them (in and out), but I just don’t seem to be able to create any buttons, or anything else or to show in the left hand column under the Pi itself.

Every time I try to create a button (or any sensor etc) I just get the generic, red “Can’t create sensor” error and to check my settings etc.

When I go into the GPIO or Extnesions>PiFace entries at the top of the screen, I can toggle relays & LEDs etc.

Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks.

Hmm that’s odd. @bestes is the piface working fully? His dashboard shows that he has 2 installed but on his sidebar it is not showing up. This is the cause for the error in the second screen shot but I’m not sure about the first problem.

Hi @homer_hudson,

This is second time this has been brought up. No doubt, there is a bug when adding a widget for the Pi Face Digital. We will fix this.

As to when we will fix this, the Cayenne team is currently working on getting the API out, and also some integration with LoRa devices. So it may a a few months before we are able to switch our efforts to these types of bugs. But it will be fixed, I promise!


@homer_hudson @ats1080s Hey guys, I moved this topic to the Bugs / Issues category so it can be tracked.


Thanks all. Will keep an eye out for it.