PIFace Digital 2 + Raspberry PI 3

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Pi 3

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I have a connected and configured PiFace Digital 2. I’m able to control it and turn on/off the outputs. However, when I try to add a light switch to control it from there, I’m getting this in the log file:

2016-11-30 21:22:16 - WebIOPi - ERROR - Error while adding device JH7yMwxwuxIu5Muw(LightSwitch) : 'PiFaceDigital' object has no attribute 'setFunction'

and an error in the interface:

Please fix the following errors:
Failed to add the sensor, please re-check your settings. Make sure you selected the correct Channel/Slave Address.

Hi @kkazakov,

Welcome to the Cayenne Community, and apologies for the trouble you’re seeing here. I don’t have the PiFace Digital board in my office, but I’ve messaged some team members in our head office to grab one and investigate this for you. We should have a more meaningful response in this forum soon.

Thank you. If anything else is needed, I would gladly help.

Hello, is there any progress? Thank you :blush:

Hi, I have the same problem, I can control the PiFace Digital 2 but not program it.

Any developments here ?


I gave up long time ago, both on Cayenne and on PiFace Digital 2.

What are you using now ?


You can’t just give up… Can’t you find any documentation? I’ve not yet figured out how to access the piface using cayenne. I’ll just look around a bit more. Have a good day.

Give this a try: PiFace Digital Not Supported Yet - #29 by adam