PiFace usage

Using IOS Pi B with Jessie lite with Pi face

  1. have multiple instances of PiFace how to remove extra instances
  2. I can get a successful add of Pi face , but am unable to add any actions for PiFace

Not sure if these are bug or newbe results

Love what I am seeing looking for more to come



Welcome to the Cayenne Community!


The Cayenne team is still working squashing some unwanted critters with PiFace. I’ve got an idea lets ping them and get a progress report!

@bestes ! Benny, having any luck? Thanks Benny!

Joe, again welcome,


Well, I got the PiFace 2, inserted it, added it, and, in the dashboard I can control On/Off each of the Outputs (I see the LEDs go On/Off). Perfect.

I have a switch and it works perfectly with the integrated GPIO. When I change the same switch to the PiFace it gives an error. I see that thiw problem has been reported but has this been solved ? Also I have severeal instances, as also reported, from PiFace. Is there a way to show only the one that is installed ?

Thanks for the help