Piface Digital

Does anyone have any hints, tips and examples on using the piface digital expansion board with Cayenne?
Any help might save me lots of time and frustration
Thanks in advance:bulb:

We’re still working on Pi Face digital support. We may get it out the door sometime after middle of May…working on Arduino integration right now. Hang in there! Keep you updated on this.


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Pi Face integration with Cayenne has been released. Please let us know if you have feedback or encounter issues. thanks!


Cant conect via android. Only by my pc…why?

Hi @jorgegti – welcome to the Cayenne community.

We’re aware of an issue where the PiFace extension only shows pins 0-7 even though there are 16 pins on the Android app, and working on a fix for it. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re talking about here though.

If not, let me know a bit more about what you mean when you say you can’t connect? Is it specific to the PiFace digital or just a general connection issue with Cayenne?

The problem in my smartphone is that iam using android 6 and i cannot add sensor “pi face digital” when i use your app cayenne. When i use the browser on my pc everything looks fine and i can manage my pi face

I’ve just found my problem…
I can not add sensors to my raspberry pi when i am using the android app. But when i am in my pc i can ! Why ?

Hi @jorgegti,

I’ve done some testing and I cannot add the PiFace extension via the Android app since the ‘Add Sensor’ button never becomes active when adding it, which looks like a bug that I’ve submitted to be fixed. I’ll update this thread when I’m aware of a fix in place.

In the meantime, you should be able to add it via the web (and it sounds like you did last week). Are you saying you also cannot add any sensors to your raspberry pi from the Android app? If so, which sensors are you trying to add, and what is the issue when trying to add them? (‘Add’ button inactive, error message from app, etc…)

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I got the PiFace 2, inserted it, added it, and, in the dashboard I can control On/Off each of the Outputs (I see the LEDs go On/Off). Perfect.

I have a switch and it works perfectly with the integrated GPIO. When I change the same switch to the PiFace it gives an error. I see that thiw problem has been reported but has this been solved ? Also I have severeal instances, as also reported, from PiFace. Is there a way to show only the one that is installed ?