Buttons after update


well if you found out the issue is with mangoose only then let’s find out why it is causing it.
i am not sure what your code is, but when you receive the data from the slider are you sending back the received data back to cayenne. have a look at this https://mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/cayenne-mqtt-api/#cayenne-mqtt-api-manually-publishing-subscribing-control-a-light-actuator


Everything works in both the web and ios. Thank you very much!


Hmmm … interesting! That sounds like the feedback mechanism.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks.


Hi Everyone,
I have a home monitoring system running, Arduino-based. Read indoor/outdoor temps with DS18B20s, control a 4-relay optoisolated board.

Usually responsive, but sometimes when I activate a button for a relay I see the ‘waiting’ symbol spinning. Other buttons work but also hang in “waiting”… I need to reload the browser page to get control back.

Is this still a known problem? Any suggestions?

I will be travelling and remotely controlling two 5000W heaters so I really want this reliable!!

Other: The relay board has Active LOW signals. I had to write code to make sure of things:

  • Write the output pins HIGH
  • THEN set them as outputs (Otherwise relays clicked on/off at Arduino reset!)
  • Check the control data to get button logic correct, like
    ---------------------( COPY )---------------------
    if ( getValue.asInt() == 0)
    digitalWrite(HEATER5000_1_PIN, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(HEATER5000_1_PIN, LOW);
    } // END V6
    -----------------( END COPY )----------------------

Has anyone else had these issues with relay boards?? IsThere a good place to document how to handle this?

Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA


hi sir! can you PM me your account email id. we had the issue with the button staying in waiting but it has been solved now,


Hi, Technical issue :slight_smile: What is "account email id. "


the email id you used for login in the cayenne platform.


Hi, OK couple things.

How-To pages and code for this project are here:

Should this be “submitted as a project” ?

The button ‘waiting’ problem seems to occur only if browser is left untouched for hours/overnight, OR if another local computer brings up the same screen. Hmmm…



That is a nice project and great write up.

Sure, you can upload the project in https://community.mydevices.com/c/project-with-cayenne so all community users can view it and it can also help someone when doing a similar project like this.

thanks for the update.