Call for Automatic Meter Reading System for Power Company at Vietnam

We call for partner who are working in electronics Lab., hardware and embedded software, PCB, ODM, OEM manufactures to participate our Automatic Meter Reading system (remote metering data collection for both types of mechanical power meters and electronic power meters which already installed in the fields) for our state power company. Our sollution requirements as follwings

  • To apply PLC communication technology: nearly 200 PLC Custom Premise Equipment (PLC CPE - located at customer’s site ) connect to a PLC Concentrator (PLC CON -located at power Sub-station) with maximum one km long of power plant’s wires.
  • To apply RF communication with point (RF Base Station - BS, located outdoor in pole of top of buldings with 30-40 meters antenna high) to multi-point (RF Customer Premise Equipment - RF CPE outdoor with external antenna, located at Sub-station’s site and connected to a PLC CON). One BS serves for 700 RF CPE to communicate by flow of RF CPE–> BS–>Internet—>Central Server (CS) and vice versa. Data rate for such flow is less than 100 kbps and not often to transmit, such as one data sending request/one hour. Longest distance to communicate from BS to RF CPE is 6 km non light of sight free space. System work with license frequency at 375 to 435 Mhz (RF power is depended your design.
  • We need a demonstration and trial test with minimum configuration: For PLC we need one PLC CON and five PLC CPE; for RF we need one BS and five RF CPE.
  • If demonstration is OK we order to mass production. First phase is 200,000 PLC CPE; 10,000 RF CPE and PLC CON and BS included. The next phases is larger volume.
    Please to contact me by email: nguyenducthuy07@gmailcom or tel: +84.91246.4048