LHT 65 no data showing in Cayenne

I have the same problems like other members: My LHT65 works fine on the Things network, TTN data of temperature is being read every 5min. and looks fine:
“BatV”: 3.088,
“Hum_SHT”: “44.4”,
“TempC_DS”: “21.50”,
“TempC_SHT”: “21.90”
But nothing is being received in Cayenne. It’s just waiting for live data but nothing appears. I’m convinced that my setup is correct.
What do I need to check?
This is my DEV EUI: A840416A91827C65

Thanks a lot
Thanks for any help

you have selected CayenneLPP device while adding the device. You need to select Dragino LHT65

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Ahaaaaaaaaa. Ok, I will check. Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
I’ve read in some older posts that Cayenne needs to be selected.

But will try!

that is if the device is sending data in cayenneLPP format.

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Ah I see. Now its running fine :slight_smile: Logging works as expected.
Thanks a lot !