Cayenne Dashboard keep Crashing and not responding after few seconds from Loggin in


Hi Community,

I am not sure if someone experience a similar issue or post similar problem but recently like three months ago or more my web cayenne dashboard is useless it keep crashing and a script is crashing the web browser and make it not responding.
The project are 5 raspberrypi’s installed in one project tab and have debian 8 raspbian and i monitor these Pi’s via the dashboard.
Browsers used chrome, mozilla ,explorer :stuck_out_tongue: just for testing , opera.
Error: Page unresponsive.
But the good thing the the ios or android app is working fine but still need the web browser to monitor 24 hrs.
Is there any suggestions? thanks in advance.


Hi @techsupport, welcome to the Cayenne Community

Can’t say I’ve seen this one before. It’s literally crashing your web browser on all these different browsers? Is this the same computer / network in all cases? Apologies for the trouble you’re having.

Do you mind sharing your account login / password via private message so I can investigate / reproduce on my end? You can change your password to something you are comfortable sharing at


I can confirm a similar bug for myself with FireFox. If I leave up my MQTT device for 2 or more hours it will make my browser extremely slow, then another hour or so it will completely crash. Looks like some kind of memory problem from what I’ve seen, memory usage it through the roof when I look at task manager.


What OS are both of you guys on? I’ll give this a shot to see if I can reproduce.


I’m on windows 10, FF 53.0 32 bit. Device a77b is the device. I changed my password, the one I sent on slack a while ago should work if you want to test with mine.


Alright thanks. I’m logged in OK, may as well run the test while idling on your account in case the widgets/devices matter. I’ll let it run all afternoon and see where it goes.


It’s only been a few hours, so I’m not abandoning the test just yet, but thus far the Firefox RAM usage has actually gone down since I began the test (only a few MB, but it hasn’t grown). Just thinking ahead, are either of you running any browser extensions (adblockers, noscript, anything else) that could be potentially impacting things?


I run ublock but it’s disabled for I don’t use anything else


Hi Rsiegel,

Thank you for your quick email and sorry for my late reply i reset the password to:

Much appreciated for your assistance and have a good weekend.

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@Tarek_Chaalan please reset your password asap as that was not a private message, it posted to the forums.


Hi Adam ,
Could you please provide me an email to send you the new password.

Best Regards,

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Here it is


Hi Adam,

I already reset the password to a new one after you told me that my last email was posted to the community and I need to send it to you as a private. How can I send u a private message or provide me with an email that will not be posted to the community.

Best Regards,
Tarek Chaalan


Hi Adam ,
Just Disregard all Good
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Good evening at all,
The same thing is happening to me, I have 20 raspberry with classic sensors, but from browser I can not manage while I confirm that from app android there are no problems

thanks to the collaboration


Hi Marco,

What behavior are you seeing the the browser? Is it actually crashing (closing), or just becoming slow? Does the same behavior happen in alternate browsers on your computer?


Hi rsiegel,
slow slow slow slow slow in all browser (firefox, opera, edge, chrome)
Happens on different computers with different operating systems (windows 10, Ubuntu)


do you mind sharing your login/password via private message so I can attempt to reproduce on my side? I won’t activate any actuators, just looking to get a feel for what you are seeing.

I’m guessing this is UI slowness (like while dragging around the widgets or changing dashboards) rather than slowness in the update of data or actuator response?


you have pm :slight_smile:

actuator response


At this time I have chrome blocked with message waiting for response from