Cayenne integration with Wistrio rak5205 Board and Swisscom

I tried to use the cayenne integration with my Wistrio Rak5205 Board that I registered in the “thingpark” from swisscom / activity.

Right now I’m having the problem that I can’t add the device to Cayenne because I get the error:

Please fix the following errors:

  • Conflict

When creating the device but from what I’ve read here that’s a caching problem on your side that happens when a recently deleted device gets added with the same DevEUI and should go away in ~1 hour.

Did you ever recieve any data from the DevEUI “60C5A860C5A83534”?

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Matthias Weissen

we have received data for this DevEUI.

Thanks for your fast respond!

Is there anyway to surpass the described error?

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is it still happening? can you try adding it now.

It was still happening yeah but it worked 10 minutes ago so the device is added now!
The problem is now that I don’t get Cayenne to show any data.

What data-format does cayenne require? Is it XML, JSON or JSON untyped?

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the payload need to be in cayenne LPP payload format Cayenne Docs

Sorry for phrasing my question so bad.
I meant the content-type that I have to define in the Thingpark Web-Interface.

Because I can see that the data reaches my defined application-server and I also checked the link "" which should be correct.
So the only thing that I can change is the content-type where I have to choose between “XML, JSON, JSON untyped”

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