Host not respondig when install Cayenne

Hello, when my power company take my raspberry pi down final crashed
and i reinstall debian and try to install new cayenne for my fish aquarium controller
but have some troubles with install

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo bash -v continuing as new install... --2017-12-19 21:20:34-- Resolving ( Connecting to (||:443... when i try to ping have ping timeout

can i download from other mirror myDevices-1.0.tar.gz to complete installation


Hey @kre10,

Welcome to the Cayenne community. Did you create a new Raspberry Pi install from Cayenne for the new sd card? And did you wipe clean the sd card with the latest version of Raspbian Stretch?


Card is not new but fully erased all partitions with diskpart, reinstall new debian and install with instruction via terminal

Terminal / SSH

To download and install myDevices Cayenne on your Pi, use the Terminal on your Pi or SSH. Run the following commands:


sudo bash -v

Have you got the installer working yet? If not, is there anything else to this output?