Cayenne MQTT Library for Microcontrollers


I have an end node (LoRa) that has a PIC micro controller. Is there a Cayenne MQTT Library in C for microc controllers ?

Welcome to Cayenne!

There is a C++ library, but I’m not sure if it’s what your looking for. I’m not familiar with PIC micro controllers but I know @picaxe is, maybe he can help?

The only work I have done woth LoRa is to use ‘bare’ LoRa tranceiver modules to good effect in the 433MHz band to get ~ 10km to 15km off a few AA batteries. The Dorji modules I am using are just transparent Serial devices and in no way part of the LoRaWAN family etc. My pathway all along has been ultra low tech building blocks ( that I can understand !) + for kids to get head around making data packets NodeID+Chan+Data+CSum etc to model the fundamentals. But it is a great system for physical computing and connecting kids to the environment even if a bit templated out for them e.g. MQTT (almost complete) has been the most significant featuire of this latest project. Really just missing a tidy GPIO serial port python serial read CSV data split and Post of data to MQTT Cayenne. Should be there within the next few weeks.
~ Andrew