Release Notes 01/14/2016

Release Notes January 14, 2016

Agent version

New! Triggers and Alerts


  • Fixed ADS1015 extension channels not appearing in the GPIO view after adding the device

  • Fixed Pi going offline for no apparent reason

  • Fixed widget multiplying on a dashboard

  • Fixed time-out warnings incorrectly appearing on the dashboard

  • Fixed PCA9685 GPIO view not working. The sliders should now work as intended

  • Fixed the ‘digital input’ widget


  • Cayenne will now automatically restart after initial installation. This is feature eliminates manual restart of the Pi

  • Decreased the installation time of the Cayenne agent onto the Pi

  • Implemented a servo widget. When adding a servo, please use the ‘Servo’ widget

  • Enabled user to edit the widget settings (click the cog wheel on an individual widget)

  • Time-out warning message has been updated for clarity