Cayenne showing more/extra data than TTN

I’ve just connected my first project, a simple temperature sensor on an arduino pro mini.

It is successfully transmitting data to the TTN and appears in my Cayenne dashboard, but somehow I’m getting “extra” data.
I’m expecting a single sensor value in each packet, but Cayenne is showing FIVE per packet/frame counter. The values aren’t static, but there is a significant amount of repetitiveness and narrow range.

On my TTN dashboard, the packets show only a single value per packet. Serial output from the arduino also gives a single value per transmission. I’ve attached screenshots.

Any suggestions? I’m not sure if this is a “cloud” setup issue or a sketch issue.

can you share the payload data received at TTN

Thanks for the quick reply. I copied the payload to my clipboard, this is what TTN provides:

so the payload 016700D4016700D0016700D4016700BA016700B0 is sending data on temperature cayenne LPP datatype which 67 on channel 1 for 5 times. So this is something to do with the code you have on the arduino pro mini. You can check the link below on how the cayenne LPP works.

Thanks! Now that I know where to look I’ll investigate there.

Found the rootcause, my sketch was missing

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