Communication change from ADSl line to WiFi to the internet

Since I changed from a ADSL line to a WiFi Internet connection I cannot find my Arduino project to work any more.

Is there certain ports to be open to let Cayenne connect to my Arduino?

Currently I have the Adruino connected to a LAN port on the Wi-Fi router that is directly connected to the WiFi Radio to the internet

Never had a problem with ADSL connection doing it the same way

Any suggestions please I am in South Africa if this might help

Coeld a port been blocked on the WiFi or rerooted wrong?

The Arduino never go ready like in the past in the my devices screen


Hi @janb

Port 8442 does need to be open in order for the device to communicate with our Arduino server, so that is the fist thing I’d check. If that doesn’t do it, let us know what (if any) output you have in Serial Monitor during the attempted connection.